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Imaxe do panel: The Belesar Dam: 50 years of one of the greatest works of the time

The Belesar Dam: 50 years of one of the greatest works of the time

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 It is the largest hydraulic construction in Galicia, with a capacity of 654 hm3 and a tail of 50 km. The reservoir reaches the municipalities of Portomarín, Taboada, Paradela, O Saviñao and Chantada.

The dam was built by the engineer Luciano Yordi of Carricarte. The control center building was designed by the architect Juan Castañon de Mena.

"Belesar must be the great pride of Galicia"

Borgonovo, 1961

"(...) Through the Miño river, this wild and legendary aorta, thousands of men have worked for four or five years, creating probably the most important work of the contemporary history of the country. A technical , functional and utilitarian work, but at the same time, artisan and inspired by a collective sense of enduring creation, which makes other people think of those Galician people, who, many centuries ago, built up the Cathedral of Compostela and the monasteries of Samos, Sobrado .. . "

Luis Caparrós, 1961

The press of the time was fascinated by the figures: 3,000 people working in shifts, day and night; 135 meters high; 644 million m3 of reservoir; 380,000 m3 of excavation; a gallery of 1.5 km; a daily investment of 1,500,000 ‘pesetas’, etc.

Nameplate in the commemorating monolith of the lit fountain:

"When we build, we must not focus only in the current utility. The work must deserve the respect of our successors. When we place ashlars on ashlars, we must bear in mind that one day men would admire our work and say: this was bequeathed to us by our ancestors. It is also on the path, inexorably followed by humanity, toward progress and truth”. 

 "Cement, iron, turbines, machines, they all are beautiful; as well as everything which redeems men from slavery! (...) Just as the dam creates a dike for the waters, its strength will serve to feed new factories, create jobs and raise a strong wall to restrain the sad waves of emigration ... "

Luis Moure-Mariño, 1963

"The Miño river will give gold, again, as in primitive times. Gold coming from an energy that will run parallel to that of men who make it possible for the collective redemption of a village which has a right to better luck”

Luis Caparrós, 1961